Parish Council

Parish and Town Councils are the first tier of Local Government in this country. As such, on many issues, Reydon Parish Council is the best first stop for information and guidance.

Contact details for the Clerk to the Council.

Contact details for Councillors

Most Parish Councils have as their only source of income, a portion of the Council Tax, and the specific proportion is detailed on residents' Council Tax bills. We are required to exercise Best Value practices in all our expenditure, and are accountable firstly to the electorate of Reydon, but also have to undergo two tiers of Audit each year. Donations are determined each year in May, and are only given to organisations or causes which directly benefit Reydon and Easton Bavents residents.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications submitted from within the Parish of Reydon and Easton Bavents, and members of the Planning Group usually visit each location to determine that the application adheres to Policies within the Local Development Framework, and enquire with any neighbours they can contact to gain their opinions on the applications.
In December 2016 the Council carried out a Housing Survey to help with planning the future of the village. You can see a copy of the results via this link: Housing Survey Results   

We are in direct communication with the District and County Councils, and liaise with the District and County Councillors on matters impacting on the Parish. We own and manage some of the play areas in the village, others are owned and maintained by the District Council.

If you have anything of concern that you would wish to report, from road condition to street lighting, please visit the Report It page.
If you need information on any Local Government matter, please contact the Parish Clerk.