Community First Responders

Responders are volunteers who attend 999 calls in the Suffolk coastal area providing basic life support before the arrival of ambulance or paramedic crews.  Due to the rural nature of the area and the limited road network ambulance response may be delayed but responders being local can attend in minutes.  Responders are trained in a variety of life saving measures but are especially effective in dealing with heart attacks. 

In the event of a ‘heart attack’ research has shown that if treatment starts within at least 4 to 8 minutes of the cardiac arrest chances of survival are greatly increased. 

First Responders equipped with special kit can carry out procedures within the first few minutes following an incident saving lives and stabilising the casualty’s condition. This is especially the case for heart attacks, strokes, choking and injuries that have caused someone to lose consciousness.

Southwold and Reydon First Responders desperately need new members to join the team in order to be able to offer the community more hours of emergency cover during the week.  You never know when you or a loved one might need our services.  We need your help, by you volunteering as a responder or by recruiting others to our team.

For further information about your local group and the chance to speak to someone in your area, please contact:

Kevin Doyland on 07940 533772

Twitter @SRWresponder
Facebook: Southwold & Reydon Community Responders

Or view web site at: