Reydon Primary School

Reydon Primary School - external front

The school is situated in Jermyns Road.The school catchment includes Reydon and the outlying villages of Wrentham, Wangford and Frostenden, it also has many pupils who are out of catchment from Southwold and further afield. It has classes for reception (age 4) through to year 6 (age 11) and as of autumn 2013 there will be 190 pupils on roll. View the school website for further information.

Reydon and Southwold Children's Centre

This centre is situated on Reydon Primary School Site in Jermyns Road. Children's centres offer a range of services for families with children from birth to five, in a location that is handy for them. View the Children's Centre website for further information.

Logo for Reydon and Southwold Children's Centre