It was a packed house for the fifth quiz of the season, with all seven regular teams in attendance. This month’s quiz was compiled and read by Jim of  ‘The Treacle Tarts’,  and featured a wide range of topics, including a music round, where competitors felt they had learnt a lot about the quiz masters tastes in music!! A lively and entertaining evening was had by all, and thanks go to Jim, for being quizmaster, Barrie for scoring, and Nicky and Jacky for running the raffle, as well as all the quizzers, and the Randolph for hosting.

Results were as follows: In Sixth place Dun Thinkin - 130 points, Fifth, Kirby Caners - 132 points, Fourth If Onlys - 143 points, Third Treacle Tarts – 147 and a half, Joint second - What No Broadside & What The ECC 148 points, and the winners, with a close 149 points Threes Company. Congratulations to them!

The evening raised a whopping £308, and it was decided that this months proceeds would be donated to Brambles Nursery. Next quiz is Friday 16 March.