R  A  G E

Reydon Action Group for the Environment 


 18 AUGUST 2018


Several members have heard rumours circulating that the St Felix planning application has already been decided.  That is fake news!   It has not.  The truth is that a further public consultation is now taking place. 

At the school’s end of term speech day , St Felix Chairman of Governors Dr John Kelly told parents that the planning application would return to the Planning Committee for decision in July.  It did not.  Nor will it this month.



The decision made by the Planning Committee in July 2017 was to approve the planning application in principle subject to a satisfactory section 106 agreement.   Unusually, the Committee required to approve the s106 agreement itself rather than leave it to planning officers.

The s106 agreement is a legal agreement between the School and the Council which sets out how the school will spend the sale proceeds of the site;  commits the school to provide so-called environmental mitigation measures and sets out requirements for affordable housing and public access to sports facilities.

Fake news quickly turned into farce.  On 3 August, Waveney District Council announced a 21 day consultation on the draft s106 agreement.  I pointed out that the documents on the Council website were incomplete and was then told that there was no consultation at all! 

WDC then accepted that it was mistaken, put most of the missing documents on the website and on 9 August re-launched the 21 day consultation.  The revised draft s106 agreement turned out to be incomplete and a complete copy was not posted until 16 August.

Most importantly, details of the works that the school intends to carry out appear in a schedule which WDC says is confidential and has so far refused to publish.   We do not accept that WDC can withhold this document and to do so makes a mockery of the consultation.   WDC is saying that the School will only be allowed to spend the money on approved projects but it will not tell us what they are!

In spite of the fact that WDC refuses to publish this document, it has already been provided (with the costings blacked out) to our chairman following a Freedom of Information request.  As the Council won’t publish it, we will.  View the document here.

The s106 agreement is a complicated document which is not easy to understand.  We shall provide a summary of the document with suggestions as to how you might respond to the consultation in a further update.    



  • ·Go to http://apps.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/pages/publicaccess/
  • ·Tick ‘agree to conditions of use’ and Submit
  • · On Simple Search screen insert reference number DC/15/3288/OUT in bottom line and press Search button
  • ·This will take you to the St Felix application.
  • ·Select Documents and Comments tab  towards top of the screen
  • ·Select View Associated Documents tab
  • ·This will take you to a document index (14 pages).
  • ·To view a document, press the relevant Document Link on left hand side of the page
  • ·The s106 documents are on pages 13 and 14 


The School is currently building a new 6th form study centre. 

This is interesting because the School’s case for selling land for housing in the AONB is that it has no other way of funding development.  So how is it paying for the new 6th form study centre?  We shall be drawing this to the attention of the planners.


Thank you to all those who came to our pre-election meeting at Reydon Village Hall last month.  The only candidate to oppose the St Felix planning application unequivocally was David Beavan.  He was elected with a large majority and we have every confidence that he will continue to support our campaign. 

Best wishes 

Stephen Chessher

Chairman, RAGE