Reydon Action Group for the Environment


7.30 pm Monday, 19 November 2018

Reydon Village Hall

Waveney's Planning Committee voted in September by a majority of 1 to give outline planning permission for 69 houses on the St Felix School playing fields.

That decision was made in the teeth of overwhelming public opposition and on the basis of seriously misleading reports from planning officers.

What happens next?

The Planning Committee’s decision has not been finalised. If it is, we will obtain a barrister’s opinion and expect to take the Council to court to get any decision overturned by a judicial review.

Why continue the fight?

The Planning Committee’s decision is not a done deal. And we are not about to give up after three years. 

This is not just about St Felix playing fields. If this decision is allowed to stand, no part of our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be safe from development.

Waveney cannot be trusted to protect the AONB.  We can and will!


If you care about your local environment please come along and hear about the campaign and other environmental issues in Reydon and Southwold. The meeting will be attended by our Ward Councilors, David Beavan and Michael Ladd.