This document has been circulated by the Governors of James Paget Hospital. As this is our local hospital, it is being published on the Reydon website as it may be of interest.

James Paget

This summary has been produced following the latest Council of Governors meeting that was held in public on 9th November 2018. We do hope that you find the content useful.

  • Significant investment of £3.9m was made in the new Endoscopic Decontamination Unit which is working very well.
  • The new Ambulatory Care Unit opened last month and in its first four weeks saw more than 1000 patients. In addition, 123 patients were referred to the unit directly by GPs, who would previously have reported to A&E. After treatment a quarter of the patients were discharged home rather than requiring a hospital bed.
  • Last year there was a 12% increase in emergency admissions at the JPUH during December – January compared to the previous year. Winter planning for this year is already underway to ensure safe, patient-focussed care is delivered to all patients at the right time and at the right place. This will be achieved in several ways including:
    • Improved access to GPs including pre-bookable appointments during evenings and weekends and the use of an Early Intervention Vehicle seven days a week aimed at helping patients stay at home wherever possible.
    • Increasing hospital capacity including redesigning the Emergency Department entrance to accommodate streaming nurse and two GP clinics in the waiting area and of course use of the new, expanded Ambulatory Care Unit.
    • The introduction of SAFER will help to reduce the length of stay in hospital.
    • The Discharge Lounge, which is currently open five days a week, (but looking to expand), is working very well which will help to ensure the timely and safe discharge of patients.
    • Following full public consultation in 2013 Lowestoft Hospital was decommissioned and has remained empty since Kirkley Mill was opened as it was not suitable for provision of modern healthcare. The Board agreed to dispose of the site at a public meeting in June 2017 and, in line with Department of Health guidance,this has now been sold at public auction with the proceeds to be used to benefit patients.
    • A full review has been undertaken of eight years of “Never Events” to ensure that all actions taken have been embedded and to confirm that the best processes are in place.
    • A lot of work has been done, and is ongoing,around mortality data; the latest published SHMI (mortality statistic) shows an improvement.
    • Issues continue around the 18 week RTT delivery against the agreed trajectory to achieve 92% across all specialties by March 2019. It’s proving to be a great challenge to recover from last year’s winter pressures due to the continued high demand on JPUH services. A theatre has also been out of action which has impacted on general surgery, gynaecology and orthopaedics.
    • September was a very busy month in A&E with targets still being missed due to severe pressure, especially during nights and weekends.
    • Finances present a constant challenge with month six showing a deficit of £6.5m which is on plan against the control total agreed with NHS Improvement.
    • Non Executive Directors met with the internal (PWC) and external (KPMG) auditors who agreed that the Trust was working diligently to maintain a quality service. KPMG presented at the Trust’s AGM.
    • PWC have confirmed the internal audit plan and the Local Counter Fraud Service annual plan has also been approved.
    • Guest WI-FI is now available within the hospital.

If you have any questions, would like clarification on any of the items covered, or have any other matters that you would like to raise please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this via the Governors’ email which is We would welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.