Reydon Community Quiz - November Report

Reydon Community Quiz took place at Southwold Bowls Club on November 16th.  The evening saw the return of Amanda Humphry as quiz master, and a total of eight teams took part, including the return of ‘What, No Broadside?!’ An extra competitive edge was provided by the fact that the teams were playing for a new trophy, made especially for the Community Quiz by Dave Craigie. This beautiful trophy features the Reydon village sign, and is constructed using screws that had previously belonged to village stalwart Charlie Martin so it contains a little piece of Reydon history!

A huge thanks to Dave for such a wonderful creation.

After a competitive and enthusiastic evening of light-hearted quizzing, the top three placed teams were, in third place ‘Who Are We’ (117 points - same position as last month but a higher score!), in second place ‘What the Eck’, (122 points - same position as last month but a lower score!!)  and winners What, No Broadside?! (129 points.) Thanks to all the other teams who took part this month- ‘Threes Company’, ‘Kirby Caners’, ‘ Full English’, ‘Treacle Tarts’, and ‘If Onlys’.

The evening was dedicated to the memory of Susi Pearson, who had been a quizzer and member of ‘What No Broadside?!’  since the start of the Community Quiz, and who sadly passed away recently. Condolences were given to Mike, her partner, and her teammates. The proceeds of the quiz, a huge £310, were donated to the local branch of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust with a request that the money be spent on the Hen Reedbeds or Reydon Wood, places that Susi loved and visited regularly.

Once again many thanks to the Bowls Club for hosting the quiz, to score master Barrie Remblance, barman Ray Skitt, raffle organisers Nicky Craigie and Jacky Doy and all the competitors.

The next Reydon Community Quiz will be at the Bowls Club on Friday 14 December. There may be spaces for an extra team or two, if interested please contact quiz coordinator Amanda on