Following on from the Annual Parish Meeting in May when a show of hands supported the intention to create a plan and a subsequent meeting of the Local Plan Sub-Committee, on 18 July 2013 a small group of local residents and Parish Councillors met to form a Steering Group that has now produced a Village Plan for Reydon. The plan describes what people like, do not like and ideas for improving life in Reydon and so involved consulting with residents and visitors.  A Village Plan is a key part of the community led planning  process that is being introduced nationally, it provides a clear mandate for local action and gives quantified evidence of need to support bids for funding.

The organisation Community Action Suffolk have produced two documents that provide further information on this topic. The first lists the benefits of doing a plan and the second explains the process required to produce the plan. These documents talk about a Parish Plan but this is just another name for a Village Plan.