Progress report on Reydon Village Plan dated January 2016.

If you'd like to look at the RVP online, or download a copy, here it is:

Reydon Village Plan

For those who want to see more detail, the full results of the 969 questionnaires returned in the consultation exercise are also available in the form of an excel spreadsheet. This has 18 columns and more than 1200 lines, so there's an accompanying document that explains how all these figures and percentages were calculated.

To download the spreadsheet click HERE.

To download the accompanying document click HERE.

In addition to the spreadsheet, a detailed report was created to help the members of Steering Committee understand and interpret the statistics from the questionnaire responses. It's 52 pages in length and goes through the results question-by-question. It also provides some analysis of the comments received (of which there were more than 3,000), by grouping and counting related comments and abbreviating and summarizing others.   

To download the full Data Analysis Report click HERE

The spreadsheet doesn't really work as a printed document, but if you'd like a printed copy of the Data Analysis Report, contact us and we'll be happy to send you one.

To download a copy of the questionnaire that was delivered to every home in Reydon click HERE.