Informal Consultation

Reydon Village Plan had a stand at The Randolph Family Fun Day on August 26 2013 and invited people to write their ideas about Reydon onto post-it notes that were then displayed on a board. This prompted lively discussion and the ideas posted onto the display board have been transcribed below. If you would like to share your thoughts on life in Reydon, then please contact us.

Reydon Village Plan Stand at the Randolph Fun Day

Comments from the post-it notes.

We need a zebra crossing near Bridgefoot Corner.
A skate park.
Cut grass verge on footway going towards bridge.
Cut hedge where Green Lane joins Wangford Rd.
Better cycle paths between Reydon and Southwold.
Village Green needs picnic facilities and a purpose built barbecue.
Swimming pool.
Swimming pool (lido) and activities centre.
A swimming pool.
Homes to rent and affordable housing.
A petrol station in the village, possibly at the Business Park.
A post office in Barbrooks.
Bus shelter near Randolph Hotel Stop.
Local people need help in fighting planning decisions.
Ensure good facilities eg schools and health for families to make Reydon (and Swold) vialble/attractive for families (ie sustainable) and use what planning tools are available to prevent further increase of second homes and encourage affordable housing.
More for local teenagers.
Grit bins so residents can de-ice the back streets – Hurn Crag Road!
More dog bins.
Please save the Smere – no houses on Rissemere Lane East.
A bandstand on the green please.
Move fish and chip stand from Jermyns Rd to village Hall.
Move fish and chop van from bottom of Jermyns Road to the Village Hall car park please.
Fish and chip stand on Jermyns Rd a traffic hazard, move to Village Hall.
Dog poo bags provided by bins, few posts etc so no excuse for not cleaning up after dogs.
Leave the fish and chip van where it has always been in Jermyns Rd.
Bring back our post office please.
Bring back Reydon post office.
Pedestrian crossings.
Say no to building on the Smere.
Bring back Reydon post office please.
Doggie bins around the Smere for doggie walkers to use.
Waste bins for dogs and one for people at the Village Hall.
Create a fair solution for Easton Bavents and other housing at risk from erosion and ensure a) no gain for speculators b)no development in countryside not adjacent to village boundary.
More dog bins and bags.
Make more use of Jubilee Green for community, events etc.
A new post office combining bank and ATM facilities.
Keep our pillar boxes.
Could we have a sign for Jubilee Green?
Eye clinic in the Health Centre.
More Parish Councillors.
More dog bins, not enough.
Our village shops are superb, we need to support them.
Park and ride into southwold cash back into Reydon village.
Plant a wildlife garden on the Recreation Ground.
Setup a coffee bar close to the Healthy Living Centre.